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Portland, Oregon – Portland area real estate expert David Somerville sees buying opportunities in the current housing market that can be used by first time home buyers and trade-up buyers alike.

Somerville says that the dual combination of historically low prices and interest rates provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many buyers to lock in lower house payments on Portland real estate than ever before for a much nicer home than they ever thought possible.

"Many people just don't realize how ideal the market is right now. There is an abundance of inventory which tends to bring prices down, of course, but it also provides a better selection of homes to choose from."

He says bank owned inventory of Portland homes in particular is high, and that has served to make prices even more affordable for first time buyers. It has also made it easier for buyers needing to trade up as their family grows.

According to Somerville, to get the best deals on bank owned listings, it's best to be pre-approved so buyers can act quickly to make an offer on undervalued properties.

"Since banks usually underprice their properties, they often get an offer quickly. The buyers that come prepared to make a serious offer generally get the best deals on the best homes, and can usually close escrow in as little as three weeks."

He says that mortgage rates, which are tied closely to the bond market, are expected by many experts to resume a long uptrend soon, leaving this historic buying opportunity behind.

"I'd definitely recommend that anyone in a position to buy right now take a serious look at the Portland real estatemarket."

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Portland, Oregon - Portland Oregon real estate agent David Somerville, a REALTOR® who is an expert in area home values, has released the top five Portland metro areas in his Portland Home Appreciation Report to help those following the market understand trends in market activity.

Somerville says the report, which is designed to be helpful to Portland real estate professionals but accessible to the average homebuyer, gives a broad overview of market health broken down by regions.

"I cover the twelve major Portland metro areas, including NW Portland and Washington County, Milwaukie and Clackamas, Lake Oswego and West Linn, NE Portland, Tigard and Wilsonville, Oregon City and Canby, North Portland, Beaverton and Aloha, West Portland, Hillsboro and Forest Grove, SE Portland."

He says that the report is a very objective presentation of market information designed to help potential Portland home buyers make informed decisions about where and when to buy real estate in Portland neighborhoods.

"I just look at the facts of the market and report to my readers what the trends look like for the price of Portland real estate. Many home buyers have come to appreciate the actionable information in these reports."

Top Five Metro Portland Areas

  1. NW Portland / Washington County
  2. Milwaukie / Clackamas
  3. Lake Oswego / West Linn
  4. NE Portland
  5. Tigard / Wilsonville
The areas are ranked according to the amount of appreciation Portland homes experienced for each region during the previous year. NW Portland and Washington County experienced an 8.70% decrease in property values from a year ago, while Milwaukie and Clackamas experiencing a 9.50% decline. Lake Oswego and West Linn fell 9.8%, NE Portland fell 10.2%, and Tigard and Wilsonville fell 10.3%.

The full report can be viewed at http://www.maxwellsinclair.com/blog/tag/home-appreciation-report/
Portland, Oregon - David Somerville, a Portland, Oregon area REALTOR® covering real estate in Portland, Lake Oswego, West Linn, Beaverton, Hillsboro, and Tigard, has launched an iPhone application to make it more convenient for buyers to search for Portland real estate from their mobile phones.

The app, which is available for download in iTunes or from Somerville's website, http://www.maxwellsinclair.com, is offered free of charge to home buyers to search Portland's real estate listings by entering activation code 2370. He says users just need an iPhone and an iTunes account, and they can be browsing -- and bookmarking -- available real estate listings fast.

Somerville says that searching for Portland homes for sale is made significantly easier with this new technology.

"The iPhone is naturally a perfect tool to search for homes online, because the browsing experience on the small screen is so near the desktop experience. The ability to take it with you when you're out driving around Portland neighborhoods makes it very useful."

The application makes this browsing experience even easier, because it provides an easy to use tool to help buyers drill down with detailed search criteria to find the perfect property.

With half of all mobile web browsing performed on the iPhone, he says it made sense to offer this application first to reach the most home buyers. But he said that plans are underway to offer more mobile real estate search applications to search for Portland real estate on other mobile operating systems like Android and Blackberry.

"We're very excited about this new tool to offer our clients. Purchasing a home can be a difficult process without the right tools and experienced, friendly people to make it happen. This is just one more way we've tried to use technology to make the home buying process a little easier -- and more enjoyable -- for our clients."
Portland, Oregon – As a Portland Oregon real estate agent, David Somerville has a lot of advanced tools at his fingertips for finding Portland homes for sale such as foreclosures, downtown condos, luxury properties, and waterfront properties. What Portland home buyers may not know is that many of those tools are available for free to his website visitors on his top-rated real estate search website, giving users a wide variety of choices in how they search for Portland homes.

According to Somerville, the website offers a huge advantage to Portland home buyers because of the wealth of free real estate listing and market information provided.

"We've gone overboard providing market data and neighborhood information for Portland real estate. Our goal was to make as much information available to homebuyers as possible, and from the feedback we get from the site, I can tell that people are really finding it a convenient way to find their next home."

He says that the map search is a popular feature, but there are many other methods available on the site to search for Oregon real estate, such as by school, neighborhood, or housing type.

"Some users prefer the visual nature of the map search, because you can see clearly where properties are in relation to other landmarks in Portland. Others prefer the advanced real estate search tool, which is an amazingly powerful real estate search engine that is normally only accessible to a Portland Realtor or real estate broker."

He says the site provides thousands of different ways for Portland first time homebuyers and existing homeowners to find the perfect home to meet their family's needs. Somerville suggests that visitors spend some time trying out the site to get familiar with it.

"The more you use the free search tools, the more you are likely to find new ways to uncover the types of properties you are looking for. One of the best ways to search is to just select a zip code in the Basic Search form."

But the most convenient feature, perhaps, is the new listing alert that's built into the site. Once a user creates an account, searches can be saved and automatic email alerts set up to let them know when new listings come on the market that match their search criteria.

Somerville recommends that anyone relocating to the Portland area take advantage of the free information and search tools provided. "If you are in the market for Portland homes, we suggest trying out the site early in your quest for the perfect home," Somerville says. "We're confident the site will prove to be a huge time saver for Portland homebuyers."

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